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Battery Hedge Trimmers

Battery-powered hedge trimmers that deliver quiet, reliable performance

  • HSA 25 Garden Shears

    A battery-powered tool designed for versatile and precise trimming...
    DSRP: $119.95
  • HSA 45

    A hedge trimmer with a built-in battery, combining excellent...
    DSRP: $129.95
  • HSA 56

    This battery-powered hedge trimmer bundle comes standard with...
    DSRP: $249.95
  • HSA 66

    HSA 66 STIHL Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer. Battery & charger sold...
    DSRP: $219.95
  • HLA 65

    A battery-powered extended reach hedge trimmer that is lightweight,...
    DSRP: $329.95
  • HLA 85

    Tall shrubs are no match for this quiet and lightweight telescopic,...
    DSRP: $399.95

Homeowner Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers designed with the user in mind

  • HS 45

    This hedge trimmer is lightweight and easy to use, ideal for...
    DSRP: $299.95
  • HS 46 C-E

    Our lightest gasoline-powered hedge trimmer for homeowners...
    DSRP: $359.95
  • HL 56 K (0°)

    An extended length hedge trimmer with a convenient short shaft...
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Professional Hedge Trimmers

Perform quality trimming around the yard

  • HL 94 K (145°)

    This extended reach hedge trimmer features a mid-sized length...
    DSRP: $499.95
  • HS 56

    This lightweight hedge trimmer features professional-grade cutting...
    DSRP: $399.95
  • HL 91 K (0°)

    A professional hedge trimmer with high reach, low-emission engine...
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  • HL 94 (145°)

    A lightweight, long reach hedge trimmer with a long blade and a...
    DSRP: $549.95
  • HS 82 R

    This gasoline-powered hedge trimmer boasts less weight and greater...
    DSRP: $529.95 - $559.95
  • HS 82 T

    This gasoline-powered hedge trimmer provides greater fuel...
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  • HS 87 R

    This gasoline-powered hedge trimmer delivers improved fuel...
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  • HS 87 T

    This gasoline-powered hedge trimmer features a precision-trimming...
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Electric Hedge Trimmers

Don't worry about fuel with these electric hedge trimmers

  • HSE 52

    A value-packed, 20" electric hedge trimmer that’s both...
    DSRP: $149.95
  • HSE 70

    Includes the same lightweight features and quiet performance as the...
    DSRP: $189.95